About Us

The Inspiration for Mental Health in Education

During the Covid19 pandemic, with lockdown occurring for over half the world's population, many people found that their mental health was suffering. At the start of lockdown, a group of educators decided to use Google Meet to host regular virtual staffrooms to support the mental health of teachers who were apart from their students, families and friends and to discuss ideas for teaching and learning. Over time, it became a place where people could chat, giggle and let off a bit of steam.

During the peak of the pandemic, staffrooms were held three times a week, and are currently still running once a week on Sunday evenings at 8pm BST/12pm PST/3pm EST/6am (Mon) AEDT.

As people shared their stories, I began to recognize that there was a need for people to have an opportunity to share and discuss what it means to have a mental health condition and also to hear that other people struggle too.